Paddy and Jack were living their dream — front row seats at the ACC for the ultimate Leafs vs Habs.  It couldn’t be any sweeter!

Now Paddy is a Habs fan, while Jack loves the Leafs.  Even twin brothers have to disagree sometimes!  And this was a nail-biter.  It had been tough, gritty hockey for 2 1/2 periods and the score was tied at 3-3.

“I think this is the most exciting thing I’ve ever seen!” exclaimed Paddy.

“You’ll get no arguments from me, brother,” Jack replied.  “I just wish I didn’t have to go to the bathroom so bad.”

“I’ve been holding it in for 10 minutes now,” said Paddy.  “I can’t wait anymore.  I hope that there’s nothing exciting until I get back.”

As Paddy headed off to the nearest washroom (walking backwards so he wouldn’t miss anything) Jack called out “Hey!  Why not go for me brother?”

“Okay,” called Paddy.  Just then a 2 minute timeout was called and Paddy raced off.

Two minutes latter he returned.  He looked less anxious but it was obvious that the front of his pants were wet.

“Oh, Paddy!” exclaimed Jack.  “You’ve made a bit of a mess.”

“No, I did fine,” Paddy replied.  “You’re the one that didn’t make it on time.”

[Just then the Leafs scored.]