Yesterday I wrote a Muskoka limerick that involved pudding and a famous CEO from the past.

Now, Muskoka is a pretty big place.  It isn’t a town per se — it is a region with 6 distinct towns in it.  Each of these towns includes many smaller villages that were assimilated over the years (“Resistance is futile”).

Our little corner of Muskoka is known as Aspdin (it is part of Huntsville) so I thought that I should write a limerick for it too.  Since the first one celebrated my daughter’s love of Tapioca pudding, this one needs to be about my son (gotta make things fair 8=).  Since he has been diagnosed with Asthma, I thought there might be a fit…

An Ode to Asthma

There once was a wee lad  from Aspdin
Who’s asthma would oft leave him gaspin’
A puff morn and night
Makes him feel alright
And thanks very much, dear, for askin’.

— an original LoneWolf Limerick

Your Turn!

So now that I’ve got two home town limericks under my belt, I’m hoping that you will be able to come up with something about your home town.  Please share your favourite clean limerick in the comments and watch for more from LoneWolf soon!

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I have this Humourous Poetry category here on Cookie Crumbles and it has been languishing with a single entry for months.  Tonight I decided to do something about it — something drastic.  I wrote my own limerick!

I decided it had to relate to where I live which presented a bit of a challenge.  What rhymes with Muskoka?  Thankfully I managed to come up with 2 rhymes that were actually fun to work with.

What Rhymes with Muskoka?

There once was a gal from Muskoka
Who really enjoyed Tapioca
“It tastes really sweet,
And I think that it’s neat,
That the name rhymes with Lee Iaccoca!”

— An original LoneWolf Limerick.

Let the Fun Begin!

Now it’s your turn.  Share your favourite limerick based on your home town, region, province, state …  Just keep it clean.  Especially those of you from Nantucket!  I’ll take my top favourites and then we’ll have a showdown.

NOTE: There is a new LoneWolf Limerick here at Cookie Crumbles.  Be sure to check out An Ode to Asthma.

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LoneWolf says "Hi!"It’s really hard to choose favourites amongst the posts I’ve put here at Cookie Crumbles.  I love them all.  But here are 5 older ones that I really enjoyed putting together.  I hope that you enjoy them too.



Jack and Paddy were on a mission.  “It’s time we learned how to use the canoe,” Jack said.

“I think you’re right,” replied Paddy.  “It’s been 2 years since we bought the darn thing.”

So, the grabbed the paddles, life jackets and the canoe.  The marched it all down to the town dock and set everything up.  Paddy climbed in, then Jack.  They began to paddle.

“I don’t think this is working,” said Paddy.

“You’re right,” said Jack.  “We aren’t going anywhere.  I wonder what we’re doing wrong?”

After a moment of thinking Paddy said “Maybe we’re not supposed to sit facing each other!”

So, after rearranging themselves in the canoe the started to paddle again.  Once again, there was no movement of the canoe.

“This is weird,” said Paddy.

“Yeah,” said Jack.  “Maybe we should both be facing in the same direction.”

So Paddy turned around to face the same direction as Jack.  More paddling.  Still no movement.

“Canoeing is just plain dumb!” exclaimed Paddy.  “I don’t know why anyone thinks this is fun.”

As they were wondering what to do next, Farmer Bill wandered by.

“Howdy fellas,” he said.  “Don’t you fellas realize that you’re not supposed to sit in a canoe until it’s in the water?”

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On my recent Florida vacation, I managed to wrangle a meeting with some high ranking officials at Disney World.  They wanted me to wait until today to release this news as they are working furiously with Microsoft to arrange a strategic merger.

Disney has been dominant in the media for family entertainment for decades.  They also have the theme park market sewn up quite nicely and have recently moved into the cruise and adventure vacation markets.

One are which they have been eying is the online, social media market.  After exploring possibilities with Google, Facebook and Twitter, executives approached Microsoft to see what they could work out together.

Needless to say, Microsoft was very excited at the prospect of a little Disney Magic to help them move Bing to the top of the search engine world.  So talks began in earnest in December of last year.

What is expected to be announced today is a joint venture tentatively called MicroDisney.  This will result in the formation of a social media site based upon the Disney experience but powered by Microsoft.  It will be closely tied to Bing for search.

MicroDisney will also be leveraging the Disney properties to help generate ad income with electronic advertising being added to all the Disney theme parks, resorts and vacation properties (including the cruise lines).

“This is just the beginning,” my contact told me.  “We’re looking at adding live ads to Disney media products as well.  We’ve incorporated Microsoft adCenter into the Blu Ray and DVD’s that are coming on the market.  And there is an interactive component to it that will allow them to chat with other viewers watching the movie and send messages to various social media sites right from their DVD players.  With Microsoft’s help, we’ve found a way to use JScript to push adCenter content onto existing DVD’s that people have in their homes.”

Unfortunately, they still haven’t figured out how to add this functionality to VHS tapes, but they say they have some promising technological advances that may help with that.

All I can say to that is “I Slap Floor”.