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Home Run

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This One’s For the Guys (Sorry Ladies)

Let’s face it — the dating game can be rough.  Thankfully, I haven’t had to worry about it for a long time but I still remember how hard it was to talk to girls, especially the ones that I was attracted to.  One thing that I found really helped was my sense of humour.  I was more comfortable if I could make people laugh and I felt that it broke down barriers.

Make Women Laugh

Make Women Laugh

Make Women Laugh

Recently I came across an e-book that might be useful to some of the guys out there who feel the same kind of pressures I did way back then.  Make Women Laugh by Martin Merrill takes you through the hows and whys of using humour to break the ice with your dream girl.  It also deals with how to use appropriate humour (remember that the ladies don’t always find belching romantic poetry funny).

To top it off, the author is offering 6 bonuses that compliment the e-book.

There is a 60 day moneyback guarantee and the book is sold through Clickbank who ensure that everything is secure and above board.

Well, Maybe Not Just For Guys

While this book is intended to help guys use humour to break through barriers in meeting and wooing ladies, humour can be used creatively in all relationships — family, business, friends …  So this book and the bonuses that Mr. Merrill is offering would be useful to anyone who wants to learn how to use humour more effectively in any relationship.

You may need to take into account the differences between men and women, but the basic principles should apply in almost any situation.


Paddy and Jack were having an argument.  Not a big one, just one of those arguments that brothers might have as they walk along, dragging a new farm animal back to the farm.

Image by Jeff Bucchino, "The Wizard of Draws"

Image by Jeff Bucchino, "The Wizard of Draws"

“It’s a mule,” said Jack.

“No, it’s definitely a donkey,” Paddy replied.



You get the idea.  You see, they had just bought this animal from Farmer Bill down the road, who assumed that two fine, young country boys would know everything they needed to know about farm animals.  So, they really didn’t have a clue.

The argument continued as they approached the gate to their place.  Pastor O’Brien was approaching so Jack decided that they should wait for him to settle the argument.

“Paster,” Jack said as the pastor came near.  “We’d like for you to settle a minor disagreement we’re having.”

“I’d be glad to help,” Pastor O’Brien replied.

“We just got this animal,” Paddy told him, “and I believe it is a donkey.  Jack, here, thinks it’s a mule.  Which of us is correct?”

Now, knowing how Paddy and Jack could be, the pastor didn’t want either one of the boys to feel superior to the other.  The animal was clearly a donkey but Paddy would gloat for days if he turned out to be right.  So Pastor O’Brien spent a moment or two pretending to look the donkey over as he tried to come up with a plan.  Finally he had an idea.

“Hmm,” he said.  “This is a fine animal you’ve got here.  Lads, I do believe that the Bible refers to this animal as an ass.”

“Well, thank you very much Pastor,” Jack replied.  “Now we don’t have to argue any more.  Hey, let’s call him Paddy!”

“No.  We’ll name him after you.”

“I’ll see you on Sunday,” said Pastor O’Brien with a sigh and he continued on his way.

Well, the donkey died the next day.  Pastor O’Brien just happened by again and saw the boys digging a hole to bury him.  He stopped at the gate and hollered to the boys, “Hey, what are you doing?  Are you digging a post hole?”

Jack stopped and hollered back, “Well, according to the Bible this would be …”