It’s a bright and sunny day.  Paddy and Jack are out for a stroll when they spot something on the sidewalk.

They stop to inspect what they’ve discovered.

“Hmmm,” says Jack.  “Is that what I think it is?”

“Depends on what you think it is,” replies Paddy.  “Why don’t you take a closer look.”

Jack bends down and looks very carefully at the brown mess on the sidewalk.

“Looks like dog poop!” he says.

“What does it smell like?” asks Paddy.

Jack bends a little closer and takes a big sniff.  “Ewwh!  Smells like dog poop!”

“Well, we need to know for sure,” says Paddy.  “What does it feel like?”

Jack pokes at the substance and says “It feels just like dog poop!”

Paddy thinks for a moment.  “Well, we’ve tested 3 of the 5 senses.  Which 2 are we missing?”

“Sound and taste,” replies Jack.  “But I don’t think dog poop makes a sound so I’ll just test the taste.”

Jack dips his finger into the mess a little deeper and comes up with a small sample.  He brings the sample up to his mouth and licks it.

“Ugh!  It’s disgusting!” he says and then he spits it out.  “It tastes just like dog poop!”

Paddy replies, “It must be dog poop then.  I’m glad that we didn’t step in it.”

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