Yesterday I wrote a Muskoka limerick that involved pudding and a famous CEO from the past.

Now, Muskoka is a pretty big place.  It isn’t a town per se — it is a region with 6 distinct towns in it.  Each of these towns includes many smaller villages that were assimilated over the years (“Resistance is futile”).

Our little corner of Muskoka is known as Aspdin (it is part of Huntsville) so I thought that I should write a limerick for it too.  Since the first one celebrated my daughter’s love of Tapioca pudding, this one needs to be about my son (gotta make things fair 8=).  Since he has been diagnosed with Asthma, I thought there might be a fit…

An Ode to Asthma

There once was a wee lad  from Aspdin
Who’s asthma would oft leave him gaspin’
A puff morn and night
Makes him feel alright
And thanks very much, dear, for askin’.

— an original LoneWolf Limerick

Your Turn!

So now that I’ve got two home town limericks under my belt, I’m hoping that you will be able to come up with something about your home town.  Please share your favourite clean limerick in the comments and watch for more from LoneWolf soon!

Photo by asolario at stock.xchng