I have this Humourous Poetry category here on Cookie Crumbles and it has been languishing with a single entry for months.  Tonight I decided to do something about it — something drastic.  I wrote my own limerick!

I decided it had to relate to where I live which presented a bit of a challenge.  What rhymes with Muskoka?  Thankfully I managed to come up with 2 rhymes that were actually fun to work with.

What Rhymes with Muskoka?

There once was a gal from Muskoka
Who really enjoyed Tapioca
“It tastes really sweet,
And I think that it’s neat,
That the name rhymes with Lee Iaccoca!”

— An original LoneWolf Limerick.

Let the Fun Begin!

Now it’s your turn.  Share your favourite limerick based on your home town, region, province, state …  Just keep it clean.  Especially those of you from Nantucket!  I’ll take my top favourites and then we’ll have a showdown.

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Photo by psycchic1 at stock.xchng