It's closer than you think!

It's closer than you think!

Bambi and Chrissy were sitting in Bambi’s living room one winter’s evening, planning for their upcoming trip to Florida for March Break.

“It sure will be fun,” said Chrissy.  “I’m looking forward to meeting Tinkerbell.”

“I’m dreaming about seeing Cinderella,” Bambi replied with a dreamy look in her eyes.  “I love her dress.”

As they continued planning Chrissy happened to look out the window and spotted the full moon hanging just over the horizon.  “Look at how beautiful the moon is tonight!”

“Wow!” Bambi exclaimed as she looked up.  “It is so beautiful, the way it sparkles on the snow.  I bet that is just how it looked at the ball!”

“You know, it would be  fun to go to the moon,” said Chrissy.  “Do you think the moon is farther away than Florida?”

“Well, d’uh!” said Bambi.  “Can you even see Florida from here?”

[Disclosure: I used to be blonde before I went gray 8=]