Junie and Janice were best friends for over 70 years, so when they had both become widows they decided to move in together.  However, once they were settled in they found that it was still a bit lonesome with just the two of them.  So, they decided to get a cat.

Sir Budswaggle

Sir Budswiggle

“We should give him an interesting name,” said Janice as they were bringing the precious kitten home.

“Yes,” Junie agreed.  “Something with character.”

“And class,” said Janice.

After much thought they came up with a name that they both thought was cute — Sir Budswiggle.

They loved that cat, and he loved them.  They spent many joyful hours together.

Unfortunately, one afternoon the could not find him.  They searched the house.  They searched the yard.  No sign of the beloved cat.

“We’ll have to check the neighbourhood,” Janice said.

So they got a picture of their best friend and headed down the street.  They weren’t sure why everyone they talked to burst out laughing, but they pressed on, going from house to house and asking everyone they met, “Excuse us.  Have you seen our cute little Budswiggle?”

[Note: Sir Budswiggle was eventually found, safe and sound in a tree in the park.]