A wealthy man received some bad news from his doctor — he had only 6 months to live.  Returning home, he pleaded with God to allow him more time.  God appeared to him in a vision to allow him to plead his case.

Jim's treasures

Jim's treasures

“Hello Jim,” said God.

“Uhm, hello Father,” Jim replied.  “Are you here to answer my prayer?”

“No Jim,” said God.  “I’ve come to tell you that you are running out of time.”

“Please,” Jim asked again.  “I’ve got so much left that I want to do.”

“I’m sorry.  It is your appointed time.  You need to settle your affairs now.”

“Well, can I ask one favour?”

“What would you like?”

“I know that they say you can’t take it with you, but I would like to bring my wealth with me.”

“It’s not allowed.”

“Not even a bit of it?”

“Well, maybe I can make one exception.  Jim, I will allow you to bring one suitcase with you when you come.”

“Just one?”

“That’s right.  Just one suitcase.  You may fill it with anything you wish.”

“Thank you God!”

And with that, the vision was over.

Jim started to plan.  He figured that the best way of bringing as much with him as possible was to buy gold bricks.  He managed to fit four of them in his suitcase.  Now he was set.

About five months later Jim passed away.  He found himself standing at the Pearly Gates before St. Peter.  His suitcase was in his hand.

“What is that?” asked Peter.  “You aren’t allowed to bring anything with you.”

“God made a special deal with me,” Jim replied.  “He said I could fill one suitcase with anything I wanted.  I filled it with as much riches as I could fit in it.”

Peter looked in his book for a moment.  Then he looked up and said “It appears that you are correct.  It says that you are entitled to one suitcase.”

As the gates swung open Peter looked at Jim and asked, “Do you mind if I see what you’ve brought with you?  I’m very curious to see what could be so special.”

“No problem,” replied Jim.  He set the suitcase on the ground and opened it up.

Peter peered inside with a puzzled look.

After a few seconds he said, “Pavement?  Why would you bring pavement?”