It seems that Canada has it share of political intrigue and hot potato topics, but this recent parliamentary mash has me wondering ‘Why?’

Stephen Harper and the Conservative minority government have gotten themselves into hot oil.  It seems that the Liberals and NDP have banded together with support from the Bloc Quebecois to bring down the government and form a new coalition.  This Potato Dumpling Gang had a plan to bring a non-confidence vote within a week of the first session of parliament to do this.

In order to stop this, the Conservatives went to see the Governor General and asked for a parlimentary pierogi.  The Right Honourable Michaëlle Jean graciously approved this and we have parliamentary pierogies until January!

Now, I understand that Mr. Harper and the Conservatives have a large support from the west of Canada, but I think that they made a mistake here.  I believe that the Bloc and other Quebecois could have been persuaded to support the current minority government if they had ordered poutine instead.