As Candi walked across the parking lot towards her car, she noticed that Bambi was crawling on her hands and knees half way across the lot.  Fearing for her friend’s health, she ran across the lot, pulling out her cell phone to call 911 if the need arose.

lostkeysThankfully, as she approached it became apparent that Bambi was not hurt in any way.  It turned out she was looking for something.

“You scared me!” Candi said to her friend as she approached.  “I thought you’d been mugged or something.”

“Oh, no.  I’ve just dropped my car keys,” Bambi replied.

“I’ll help you look,” Candi said.

So, the two young ladies spent 10 minutes looking around the parking lot for Bambi’s keys but they could not find them.

“This is frustrating,” said Bambi dejectedly.  “How am I going to get home?  How will I unlock the door?”  She was on the verge of tears.

“It will be okay,” said Candi.  “We’ll find them somehow.  Now, where exactly did you drop them?”

Bambi pointed to a spot in the parking lot that was about 30 feet away.  “They fell out of my hand right over there when I got them out of my purse.”

“Then why are we looking over here?” Candi asked.

“Well,” replied Bambi,  “The light here is much better.”

[Image by Gerbera]