MoleculeDr. Bob was a brilliant geneticist.  He had studied genetics and biology at the finest universities in the world.  He had done research into the very structure of life.  Finally, he believed, he had arrived at the secrets of creating life.

He challenged God, calling out “I can now make life, just like you!  Look how great I am!”

To his surprise, God responded,  “Can you really?”

Recovering from his shock at getting a response from God himself, Dr. Bob replied,  “Of course I can,” he replied.  “I am just like you!  Watch.”

“What do you mean?” God asked him.

“Well, in Genesis it says that you took dust and made a man.  I’m going to do the same.”

“Okay,” replied God.  “I’m watching.”

Dr. Bob gathered up some materials into test tubes to begin his procedure.

“What are you doing?” God asked.

“Well, I’m doing what you did — I’m gathering dust,” Dr. Bob replied.

“No,” said God.  “That’s cheating.  You’ve got to make your own dust.”

Molecule image by svilen001 at stock.xchng.