A long way up

A long way up

Alfred was visiting Toronto and he decided to go to the bar at the top of the CN Tower.  The view on the elevator ride to the top was spectacular and when he entered the bar itself the vistas took his breath away.

He ordered a drink and sat looking out over the lake.  While he was enjoying the boats coming and going from the marinas the gentleman at the next table turned to him and said “It sure is a wonderful place to watch the lake, isn’t it.”

“It is,” replied Alfred.  “It’s my first time up here.”

“I’m here all the time.  Name’s Clark,” the man said, holding out his hand.

“I’m Alfred,” he said, shaking Clark’s hand.

“Did you know that the wind on a day like today swirls around the tower?” asked Clark.  “You can actually jump out the window and it will carry you all the way around and back in the window.”

“No way!” said Alfred.

“I’ll prove it,” replied Clark and before Alfred could say anything Clark was up and jumped out the window.

With a gasp, Alfred ran to the window and looked down.  He didn’t see anything but when he looked to the right, Clark was floating quickly towards the window, his hair blowing in the wind.  Sure enough, he floated in through the window and landed gracefully.

“You scared the crap out of me!” Alfred exclaimed.  “That was cool but don’t ever do that again.”

“Why not?” asked Clark.  “I do it all the time.”  And then Clark jumped out the window again.  Alfred watched in amazement as Clark floated all the way around the tower and back in the window again.  “See how easy it is?”

“It sure looks like fun,” said Alfred.  He stuck his head out the window and felt the wind blowing.  “I think I’ll try it!”

The bartender saw what was happening and yelled “Stop!” but it was too late.  Alfred jumped and found himself plummeting to the ground.

The bartender ran over to Clark and said, “You’re cut off!  You sure do get mean when you’re drunk Superman.”