R.A.S.H.This sampling of Random Acts of Senseless Humour has been brought to you by the number 7 and the letter R.

7 Things You Can Laugh About Right Now!

  1. When two egotists meet they will see I to I.
  2. A shotgun wedding is a matter of wife or death.
  3. The chicken crossing the road is still poultry in motion.
  4. Small Medium at Large (newspaper headline when midget fortune teller escapes from prison).
  5. Pay your exorcist promptly to avoid repossession.
  6. You can’t beat a boiled egg!
  7. Less is sometimes more — if you don’t learn your lesson, you might be a moron.

R You Ready for This?

A guy went to a costume party with his girlfriend riding piggyback.  The host asked him why he didn’t wear a costume.  “But I did,” he replied.  “I’m a snail.”  He pointed to his girlfriend and said “This is Michelle.”

People who jump off of bridges in Paris might be in Seine.

Have you ever had trouble finding camouflaged pants?

The Invisible Man found a lovely invisible woman to marry.  They’ve had 2 children, but they’re nothing to look at.

If I’m so good looking, why do I need glasses?


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