We're in So Much Trouble!

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Bobby and Ralph started down the road to being trouble makers when they were 7 years old.  Being twins, and being boys, they were always finding new and exciting ways to cause havoc for their parents and teachers.  Finally, mom and dad decided that they needed to get some outside help.

A quick call to the pastor got the ball rolling.

“Please, Pastor Tim, can you help us with the boys?” mom asked after explaining what the boys had been getting up to.

“I understand your dilemma,” the pastor said.  “I deal with a lot of young boys that just need a nudge in the right direction.”

The next day, mom brought the boys into the church after school.  The boys sat in the lobby (not very quietly I might add) waiting as mom talked with the pastor for a moment.

“I’d like to deal with the boys individually at first,” said Pastor Tim.  “Then I can talk to them together.  Let’s start with Ralph.”

Mom came out of the office and sent Ralph in to see the pastor.

“Have a seat, Ralph.” said the pastor.

Ralph was a little bit nervous.  He’d never been in to see the pastor before. He quietly sat in the chair in front of the pastor’s desk.

“I know that you and your brother are only trying to have fun, but you need to learn that there are reasons for the rules we have,” said the pastor.  “Do you know where God is?”

Ralph was silent.  He stared at his shoes.

“Son,” said the pastor.  “I asked you a question.  Do you know where God is?”

There was still no answer from Ralph.  He simply fidgeted nervously in his seat.  Pastor Tim wondered why this young boy was being so rude.

“Ralph.  Where is God?” he asked a third time.

Ralph couldn’t take it any longer.  Tears streamed from his eyes as he bolted from the office.

“We’ve gotta make a break for it Bobby!” he screamed as he ran through the lobby.  “God’s missing and they think we did it!”

Thanks to my buddy Neal for reminding me of this wonderful story!

In searching the web we often stumble upon a wonderful article and I just wanted to share one that I found at the “Snooty Primadonna” blog.  If you have boys, have ever been a boy or even know a boy, you’ll enjoy this post.

As Bill Cosby once said, “Those of you with children, and those without, you’ll understand”.

I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did!


My 9 year old daughter is one of the smartest people that I know.  This past summer she was sharing her dream of owning Toys-R-Us or maybe starting her own toy store.

She was explaining about all the toys that she would have in the store and how they would all be really cheap so everyone could afford them.  Wouldn’t that be great!  It was with much regret that I tried to explain to her the realities of corporate life and we began to discuss the concept of shareholders.

After I explained to her that shareholders have an expectation of receiving profit (and usually as much as possible) and how that affects prices she looked at me and said “They shouldn’t be called shareholders — they should be called greedholders.”