Alfred had been a skeleton for over 300 years.  He didn’t like it, but what were the alternatives?  For most of this time he had been longing for the good old days.

While studying some old ruins in the jungles of the Amazon, he found reference to a sacred pool known as the Golden Waters of Life.  It was very intriguing, so he researched it further.  It took almost 12 years but he finally found it!

casual-skeletonAccording to the legends on sunset of the vernal equinox the pool’s surface would shine with the golden rays of the sun, activating the water’s regenerative properties.  So, Alfred waited — what was a few more weeks after more than a decade?  He contacted his friends, Peter and Jennifer, and let them know about the discovery.  They joined him the day before the equinox.

“I don’t think I want to go in there,” said Jennifer as they sat around their campfire.  “You don’t know what is going to happen.”

“Jennifer is right,” Peter said.

“Well, what is the worst that could happen?”  asked Alfred.  “I’m going in.”

The next evening as the sun slipped to the horizon it turned the surface of the pool into a dazzling, golden display.  Alfred lowered himself into the pool.  At first nothing happened, but after a few seconds he felt the water begin to swirl around his legs.

A strange tingling sensation began in his toes and spread upwards.  Looking down Alfred was amazed to find that muscles, ligaments and skin were beginning to regrow over his 3 century old bones!  With a shout of glee, he dove in.

As his head broke the surface Jennifer called out, “What’s it like?”

“Wonderful!” yelled Alfred.  “It’s very refleshing!”

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