Local Heroes Save the Day

Firetruck on the way

Firetruck on the way

A large fire has leveled the SporksChem facility on the outskirts of town. Despite the fact the the plant was completely destroyed in the file, 7 area men have emerged as heroes in saving important documents from the plant.

No one was hurt in the blaze which started in the packaging department around 7:00 p.m. A neighbour saw the flames and called 911.

By the time that the Huntsville Fire Department arrived the building was engulfed in flames and work was underway to contain the blaze and prevent neighbouring buildings from igniting. The president of SporksChem arrived and offered a $50,000 reward to anyone who would be able to retrieve the safe in the main office in the center of the building. “It has all our trade secrets,” he said. “SporksChem will be finished without them.”

However, the blaze was intensifying and despite raising the reward to $100,000 there were no takers. Finally, the chief called in some of the surrounding fire departments to help contain the blaze.

About 8:15 p.m. a wavering siren was heard and the Seguin Township Volunteer Fire Fighter’s aging tanker truck sped to the scene. Without even slowing down, the truck drove right into the middle of the inferno and the 7 elderly volunteers (all of whom are retirees) sprang into action.

Water flew everywhere and the men laboured with an intensity that rivaled the blaze itself as the other fire fighters watched in amazement. Within minutes the fire was out.

Covered with soot and ash, the 7 men strolled out of the now smoldering ruin. It was like the scene from Armageddon. The president of SporksChem rushed to them waving a $200,000 cheque. “You guys were amazing!” he shouted as he hugged each one of them. “You’ve saved this company and all the jobs at this plant. I’ve doubled the reward.”

As the Super Seven reclined on a cool patch of grass reporters converged around them. One thrust a microphone towards Fire Chief John Jacobs and asked, “What are you guys gonna do with that $200,000 reward?”

“Well,” replied Chief Jacobs, “I think the first thing we’re gonna do is get those damn brakes looked at.”

[I received this story in an e-mail and while I have changed it around some, the basic story comes from someone else. Unfortunately, I don’t know who, but thanks to that mysterious whomever!]

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Chit Chat

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Shady Acres

Buena Vista Acres (Image by bjearwicke at stock.xchng)

Marty, Sam and Bobby were sitting on the front porch at the Buena Vista Acres Retirement Apartments watching the sun set after another wonderful afternoon of golf.

As the sun was sinking Marty was complaining a little about the weather they had experienced during their round of golf.  “It was windy today, wasn’t it fellas?”

Sam thought for a second and then replied, “No, I do believe it’s Thursday.”

“Me too,” said Bobby.  “I could go for a beer.”

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